Se presentó el primer prototipo de la OLPC

The first working prototype of the $100 Laptop is unveiled at the Country Task Force Meeting, 23 May 2006. (See Flickr for more images.) This is first time we have combined the industrual design with the hardware (A-TEST board). Both the ID and the hardware had been shown seperately in the past; pictured was a working laptop, completely self-contained; a real milestone for us. The machine is running Fedora Core 5.0.

The only thing that might be somewhat misleading in the prototype is the display. The display we plan to ship is significantly bigger and of a higher resolution than the one pictured: We will ship at 1200×900 vs. the 800×480 display in the shown in the photo.

Regarding the task force meeting, we have gathered together the task forces from our launch countries to brainstrom and share ideas about both learning and deployment issues. It has been an exciting and fruitful meeting of the minds.



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