Global Alliance for ICT and Development

El 19 de junio pasado las Naciones Unidas lanzaron la Alianza Global para las Tecnologí­as de la Información para el Desarrollo.

Abajo varios documentos y comunicados de prensa sobre la misma.

Principles and elements of a Global Alliance for ICT and Development (Multi-stakeholder Forum)

A principal distinguishing feature of the Alliance, and its key value added, will be in providing a multi-stakeholder cross-sectoral platform and forum that will bring together all stakeholders representing relevant constituencies (for example, in governments – development cooperation, foreign policy, finance, social, sectoral (health, education) and regulatory agencies; in the private sector – industry and workers associations, producers and consumers of ICT, the media; in civil society – NGOs, CSOs, foundations, scientific, academic and ICT communities and individuals providing advocacy and oversight on Information Society issues and implementing programs addressing MDGs).

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Inaugural Meeting of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development

In a follow up to the recent decision of the Secretary-General (see press release), the inaugural meeting of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development will be held on 19-20 June 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia following a generous invitation by the Government of Malaysia. All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the meeting. A registration form for indicating both your interest in participating in the Global Alliance and, specifically, your participation in the Kuala Lumpur meeting is attached.

Global Alliance Strategy Council

The strategic overall guidance to the Alliance, such as identification of priorities and themes for discussion, will be provided by a multi-stakeholder Strategy Council that will be set up by the Secretary-General taking into account inputs from all stakeholders. The Strategy Council will consist of about fifty members from all stakeholders: governments, the private sector, civil society (in particular gender and youth groups), media, the academic and technical communities, as well as secretariats of relevant intergovernmental organizations. The members of the Council will be chosen in their personal capacity and will enjoy equal rights in the work of the Council. The basic requirement for the members of this policy-setting group will be commitment, experience and vision in ICT for development, as well as traditional development fields.

It is envisaged that the Strategy Council will have one physical meeting annually, with most of consultative and deliberative work done on-line. The first meeting of the Strategy Council is planned to be held on 19 June 2006 in Kuala Lumpur.

The nominations received are available here.

More information on the inaugural meeting


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